Where to play free solitaire online?

A lot of us love to play games when we have nothing else to do or when we want to enjoy the time. Solitaire is one of the oldest games that is being played by a lot of us from the 90s when the people were using windows 98. Those times were amazing but still, even today we can play this amazing game online on different sites.

There are several free online websites that offers solitaire games to everyone from all around the world. The internet access has made it very easy for us to play our favorite game without doing any effort. So, below are the top 5 sites you can visit if you want to play this game.   

Unless you play at Free-Solitaire-Games.net


  1. com:
    This site offers free solitaire games to everyone who visit this site. The types of solitaire such as Canfied and Klondike can easily be played at this site. With several other people, you can also enjoy your leisure time by playing solitaire at this site for free.
  2. com:
    Solitaire paradise is really a paradise for solitaire lovers. This site offers different types of this game which includes pyramid solitaire, spider solitaire, golf solitaire, classic solitaire as well as 40 thieve solitaire and all these games for free. What else a game lover need? This site is a real treat for the solitaire lovers.
  3. net:
    This free online site also comes among the top sites that offer solitaire games. The types of solitaire that this site offers include Yukon Solitaire, Canfied, spider as well as 40 thieve solitaire along with some other amazing maze and puzzle games.
  4. com:
    This site is a simple site for those who just want to play classic or spider solitaire. Just go to this site and start playing this game. This site is ideal for thee beginners of this game and anyone can practice their solitaire skills by playing at this site.
  5. com:
    This site is for intermediate level gamers who want to increase their skills in several other types of solitaire games which include poker solitaire, Klondike, pyramid, spider as well as classic solitaire card games. The site contains all the rules and news related to this game and any one can enjoy playing at this site that too for free.

So, there were some of the top online free sites that offer different amazing types of solitaire card games. Anyone can visit these sites and get their solitaire skills polished for free.

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